” In the midst of every crisis, lies great opportunity.” said by Albert Einstein. A great economic crisis is a great opportunity for real estate investment.
Be caution!!! only happening once in every 20 years.”

Selecting only the best for your investment, in particular land acquisition, trends of real estate investment, land potential examination of physical, legislation, location, city plan, marketing and sales, demand, supply, yields

Managed by Wason Khonchantr and Arunee Thiemhong, Administrators of Modern Property Consultants Co., Ltd.

Income generating property; hotel, office, apartment, dormitory, and warehouse etc.
Property from the legal execution department; Asset Management Company, consignment property, and interesting property etc.
We help all investors to create opportunity for real estate investment, including management, property improvement, and property sales.

Property Valuation Service

Property Valuation Service
A1) Real Estate – We are expertise in real estate such as housing estate, condominium, hotel, resort, shopping mall, office building, dormitory, apartment, warehouse and golf course, etc.
A2) Personal or Movable Property – such as machinery and plants, office equipment, furniture, vehicles, and others.
A3) Intangible Property – reputation, brand, intellectual property brand, patent, copyright, and others.


Real Estate Development Consultancy Service

We providing “one-stop services” consultant including project feasibility study, design & permits, loan requirement, project development planning, Environmental Impact Assessment report (EIA), loans management, marketing & sales management, construction management, transfer of ownership, and post-sales project management (e.g. for condominium projects, housing estate projects, commercial buildings, serviced apartments & apartments, hotels, etc)


Real Estate Investment Consultancy Service

Before investing in the real estate industry, the observation of the big picture of the economic situation is required. Since the real estate market is correlated to the economic situation. Meaning, if the economy is booming and relatively the real estate market also in the stage of growing or “booming”. However, after the booming phase, then comes the “decline” and continuously transforms to a recession phase, and gradually to “recover” phase until it goes back to the “booming” phase. This is the economic cycle that “goes up and down” and “what goes up must come down” (simply booming, decline, recession, recover) with the support from the concept of supply and demand in the market. But what matters most for the investors is the duration of each phase, when it is going to end, and when it is going to rise, because ultimately we have to be able to forecast the situation.